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Once Ron heard Neil Peart on drums, that was it, he was hooked!


Ron just had to get a set of drums! he eventually ended up with a large set of drums, and quickly realized he was never going to be a Neil Peart.  But that was OK, by then Ron was also being influenced by many other drummers, John Bonham, Tommy Aldridge, Kenny Aronoff to name a few, and any hot hit at the time. Ron was having a blast playing in some bands with friends, playing gigs here and there.


At one point Ron found himself in a pretty good blues band but eventually got the axe. He knew his drumming wasn't up to snuff and he was frustrated hearing different rhythms and licks that he couldn't figure out and play. This led Ron to lessons with Rick Gratton and Paul DeLong, studying for about 9 months with each. They immediately saw (heard) his short comings and quickly got him on the straight and narrow.


Ron continued playing in bands and felt good about his improved skills, but like any art or sport, you never stop learning. He's now become friends with another great Canadian drummer, Dave Langguth, and continues to be inspired by his playing, catching him perform whenever he can.

Tom Golfetto - Bass 

Tom woke up on his 6th birthday to an acoustic guitar - a present from his parents.

Guitar lessons followed, but being barely able to wrap his hand around the neck, his interest waned. Besides an acoustic guitar wasn’t cool… but an electric guitar sure was!!


And so, a few years later, an electric guitar was found under the Christmas tree. And from then on, it rarely left his hands.


Tom played professionally during the mid 1970’s, gigging 6 nights a week, every week. Then disco became popular, and the live music scene in Toronto was replaced by canned disco music.


Being unable to make ends meet, Tom got a day job and switched to bass in 1980. Since then he has played bass part time in a variety of corporate and bar bands.


Just prior to the Covid pandemic, he joined BTE and is pleased to be playing with such accomplished musicians as Darel, Doug and Ron.

DAREL WERNIK - Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin & Lead Vocals

“I started my journey in music at the young age of eight years old. 


My dad had a violin that he had tried learning himself over the years, and I was fascinated by it.  Dad asked one day if I would be interested in learning to play it, and a few months later I was enrolled in violin lessons. It wasn't always fun or exciting, but I stuck with it and when I was thirteen I was in an orchestra and had started giving violin lessons.


At the age of sixteen, I extended my musical abilities and started to teach myself guitar. Before too long, I was playing and singing my first song that I learned out of an old “Mel Bay" book that my dad had laying around. Not too long after that, I borrowed a homemade electric guitar my friend had and plugged it into my parents’ home stereo, the rest was history.


Now many years, and many thousands of hours of practice later, I've met up with my current band BTE. With the band, I play rhythm guitar, fiddle, and mandolin.  I also throw in some lead vocals. I can't wait to experience what the future holds for our band but I think it will definitely be something special. So if you like great music, hold on, we’re in for a hell of a ride!"

DOUG MORGAN - Guitar & Lead Vocals

Doug was born and raised a rocker!


​Doug has always had a musical background steming from his childhood, having been born into a muscial family.  As a kid, he'd go door to door trying to sign people up for music lessons.  His older brother liked the drums, so he knew that he had to be different and play the guitar. 


The start to Doug's deep interest in music started with KISS's Destroyer album where he learned to head bang.  In addition to KISS, he was influenced by Elton John, and Judas Priest.  But that was not enough, after seeing The Song Remains the Same, Doug new he had to play the guitar, and he saw that movie about 23 times.  He just couldn't get enough of Jimmy, his "Stone Cold Guitar God".


Over the years, Doug has been classed as a heavy metal/hard rock guitar player, playing in many bands where he has played twin lead guitar.  He then played the drums for a couple years in a motown/pop rock act.  He has played at Ontario Place and even been on Breakfast Television.


Doug was approached by a former bandmate, friend, and BTE drummer "Ronzo", to challenge himself by joining a band with a different style then he was used to playing.   With his deep love and passion for music, he couldn't refuse, quickly joining BTE. 

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